A Tireless Minority

I'm shutting down the site. It got too expensive for the small amount of traffic. I have it on two servers. It took me a long time to build, and I had hoped people would have just-POSTED. You Post. You put up your own AD. (revolutionary) See what we could have built here if everyone would have just contributed? YOU could have put up your own ads to replace mine AND shared stories/articles/text/images/videos with like-minded people on servers WE (or I) controlled.

This ain't my first rodeo. This was not a business, it was an effort. If eyeballs of consistency were garnered, I would have turned it into a business as I have many times before using real business models, selling real products and services IN real industries, via recurring service systems with real customer care, real office space, real support, real financing, and would have created a real scalable growth business. Eyeballs in this case were the required catalyst.

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Thank You. Death to the Technocracy.

God Bless.